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Join the community now, explore natural building techniques, projects, workshops, add your events, surf the database of questions and answers by community members, meet experienced builders, share your projects and discover other’s.

Our mission

It is to help natural building techniques and awareness spread across the globe. To get there, we are developing practical web tools, allowing the community to meet and connect, but also to share projects, technical knowledge and more. As for today, we have developed the first tool of the two major ones we envision so far: the events' platform, allowing every natural building related event to be listed and gain online visibility. Those events range from workshops, conferences, courses, to volunteering opportunity and festivals. This functionality will of course go through many improvements to make it most useful.

The second stage, on which we are also working now, is a platform for everyone to post their questions, stories, achievements, etc. in a way that should rather be organised and useful to everyone at any time. This is about creating a well organised database of valuable knowledge.


As for today, there are 7 natural building workshops, courses and volunteering opportunities listed on Ecobilda, covering Costa Rica, France, Haiti, Ireland, New Zealand, United States.

The techniques taught throughout all these are (but not only) : Adobe, Cob, Earthen plasters, Earthship, Hemp / limestone finishes, Light straw, Limestone plasters, Straw bale , Tadelakt finishes, Timber frame.

Our partners

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