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    À propos de nous

    I am Alex, and I have been living in Kosovo for the last 6 years. I am part of two organisations which are engaged in the development of the project in Bozevce and I coordinate volunteers that come for longer or shorter. I am mainly in charge of construction, but also other aspects of everyday life, such as animals.

    Mon lieu

    Boževce is a tiny village community situated in the Eastern part of Kosovo, in the Municipality of Ranilug. The village used to be inhabited by 600 people, but nowadays that number has been reduced to only 60. It is hidden behind hills, between forest, rocks, streams and meadows. It is divided in three neighbourhoods which stretch along a total of 3 km. People still living in the village nowadays are mostly elders who still preserve the knowledge of simple and sustainable living in remote peaceful areas.


    In this remote village, with help of friends and volunteers, we have been developing a project in a property which will serve as a place for education and practices of sustainable living, natural building, organic food production, communal living, etc. Since 2017, we started developing a permaculture program, through an international project Permaculture as a Path to Peace, which was taking place in Bozevce, but also in other similar places in the Balkans. The program includes different activities in the fileds of natural building, mainly with local materials such as earth and straw, food production and permaculture. In the organization, but especially in project related to environmental issues, nature conservation and sustainable living, we practice and respect principles of sustainability that we agreed upon. In Boževce, we respect the following principles and values: - buying local as much as possible - eating seasonal, organic and vegetarian - growing our vegetables, harvesting wild plants and mushrooms - avoiding products from multinational coroporations such as coca-cola, nestle, etc... - using biodegradeble soaps, detergents, tootpastes etc - using compost toilets - rational use of resources, such as wood, electricity, gass, tools, materials, time etc. - traveling with environmental friendly way


    We can provide accommodation in a house or in tents. We have enough matresses, tents, pillows etc.


    All the meals are prepared together with other volunteers in shifts, every day. Breakfast is self-organised, while lunch and dinner are cooked. The food is vegetarian, while we will try to produce vegetables and eggs for ourselves and to buy as much as possible from local people.


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