Immense yourself in the Ghanaian culture while helping on our farm.

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    À propos de nous

    I am Ellen a farmer and volunteer for social good. I was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa. In my volunteer journey i came across 2 other volunteers who share the same vision which birth the project we are embarking on.

    Mon lieu

    Todome which means between mountains is a calm community by the volta Lake in the Volta Region of Ghana.


    We are a group of 3 who have recently acquired 3 acres of land in the countryside of Ghana near the Volta lake. The land we acquired is near the river but not far from the main road and a mini forest. We have a dormitory to accommodate all our guests and volunteers and it is such a quiet place where you can meditate and have alone time. It is easy to access moving vehicles to wherever you want to go. We have begun work on the land. We intend to employ Ecology principles, we want to create , medium and large scale eco-agro-industrial park that will drive local production. Imagine an eco-agro-industrial park where with a good mix of vegetables, herbs, fruits, grains, livestock, fish farming, processing, etc, with proper irrigation and access. This would add great value to the local economy and would create exciting opportunities. We need volunteers who are into natural building. If you are an architect, you build or have knowledge in building we need your help as well. We need help with gardeners, farmers, eco-friendly experts, carpenters, handymen or women, architects, and constructors to help us develop the place into a farming village.


    The accommodation during the volunteer stay is in very basic houses. You should know that in the community in Ghana where you will be volunteering, there is running water in the houses, bathrooms and also electricity. There are separate rooms for men and women.


    The food offered is very simple, just like what Ghanaians eat, fried yam with rice, beans with tomato, spaghetti, rice, or noodles, and for breakfast tortillas with vegetables or vegetable sandwiches. Ghanaian food is spicy, it's better to let them know so they can put it without spicy or at least reduce it. We feed our volunteers three times a day.


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