Tarnabod 2.0, the Factory of the Future

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    À propos de nous

    Our foundation manages various types of construction projects. Our goal is to blend the mainstream construction process with technology to cater to the 21st century. We firmly believe in grass-root work in rural life, to facilitate and elevate people out of poverty. We are constantly forming new ways of development, eco-friendly consumption, and waste reduction. We aim to be self-sufficient, and collectively share and cultivate our ideas with others.

    Mon lieu

    Tarnabod is a small village located in the rural region of Hungary in Heves county. Tarnabod is predominantly consisting of the Hungarian Roma population which has been heavily stigmatized. We have launched one of Hungary's most exciting social innovation projects by the name of Tarnabod 2.0 Factory of the Future. Our key initiative was to save an almost shut-down grocery store in the center of Tarnabod. Our convenience store not only provides day-to-day groceries, but it serves as a meeting point for locals to have a chat over a cup of coffee. That is why our sense of belonging to this community is more than just providing a service.


    Our goal is to rebuild this village and brighten an array of happiness for the local community. We manage various projects in the vicinity. Currently, we are working on the renovation of several cob houses in the village. Our ambitious plan is to create a community space. In addition, several buildings are in need of renovation. Last year we took over the management of the local grocery store. We completed the interior renovation of the building and the modernization of the equipment. The store will soon be expanded with a community space. We do our utmost part to supply the grocery store's vegetable needs from local production. Last year, we built a production unit consisting of a greenhouse and an additional reception and processing building. Another project is the development and maintenance of the community vegetable garden. We want to create an eco-agribusiness park with a mosaic structure, which drives local production. Imagine an eco-agri-industrial park with a good mix of vegetables, herbs, fruits, grains, livestock, farming, and processing, with adequate irrigation and access. This would add great value to the local economy and create exciting opportunities. We would like to create a kind of mosaic mixed land-use system in the available area. In addition to traditional gardening systems, we plan to use the following less conventional forms of farming: edible landscape and agroforestry. We want to turn the adobe farm building originally planned for demolition into a mushroom-growing building. We need help with gardeners, farmers, eco-friendly experts, carpenters, handymen or women, architects, and constructors to help us develop the place into a farming village.


    Free communal housing consists of rooms with common living spaces, full kitchens, fridge space, and shared bathrooms. Sleeping is either in the house or in tents. Washing machine, internet, and includes community yard space with a fire pit.


    We will manage from the garden and together, vegan or vegetarian meals can of course be provided. The local food is very tasty. We will have three meals a day, cooked by ourselves, and everyone can learn how to prepare traditional Roma food. Evening we sometimes make a fire to cook, or play music and warm ourselves by sitting around the fire.


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