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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I publish an event without a user account?

No, you need to create a user's account to publish events (workshops, trainings, conferences) or list a professional activity (organisation, company, architect, engineer, etc).

How do I publish an event?

To publish an event, first you need to create a user's account (see "create a user's account"). Then click "add an event" (select the type of event you want to add - workshop, training, conference) Fill in the formulaire and confirm. Once confirmed by an administrator, your event is online and anyone can register to it up to the availability you have set. It takes up to 24 hours for an administrator to confirm your event.

Can I list my event on Ecobilda but manage registrations elsewhere?

Yes absolutely. When adding your event, you can chose to manage your registrations on Ecobilda or elsewhere. If so, you will need to provide an external link so we can direct people to it.

Can people subscribe to my events via Ecobilda?

Yes, you can actually chose whether you want to manage your event’s registrations via Ecobilda or elsewhere (in which case you need to provide an external link). If you chose to use Ecobilda to manage your registrations, you will be notified by email for every registration, and you will be put in contact with each other.

Can I duplicate an event to list it on several dates?

Yes, when adding an event, you can select multiple dates. Your event will therefore show in the search results for as long as one of the dates is included in the search criteria.

Can people pay their registration fees to my event via Ecobilda?

Not yet, but we plan on adding this functionality in the near future.

Can I set different types of fees for my event?

Yes you can. When adding your event, select multiple fees and add their description. Note that the lowest of your multiple fees will be the one taken into account in the search results, and indicate as, for instance: “From $200”.


Can I send messages to other users on Ecobilda?

Not yet, but we plan to add this functionality in the near future.

Can I see who is a member on Ecobilda?

Yes and no. So far, you can only see people who have published an event. But we are planning on adding a member’s search functionality to allow you to get in touch with specific people, at the same time we will add the messaging system.

Security and personal information

Who can see my profile?

Anyone registered as user.

Who can see my personal information?

To register on Ecobilda, we need your email address to confirm your account. This information is not available to other users. However, if you publish an event, you will have to provide us with a telephone number, allowing the ecobilda team or, depending on the cases, your event's participants, to contact if needed. Your email address, in this case, is available to your event's participants.

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