Frequently Asked Questions

Security and personal information

Anyone registered as user
To register on Ecobilda, we need your email address to confirm your account. This information is not available to other users. However, if you publish an event, you will have to provide us with a telephone number, allowing the ecobilda team or, depending on the cases, your event's participants, to contact if needed. Your email address, in this case, is available to your event's participants. Finally, if you list your professional activity, you need to provide your full company's or organisation's contact details.


No, you can't register someone else's professional activity. You can only register your own company, organisation, architect, etc. of which you are officially the owner, solely or partly.
No, you need to create a user's account to publish events (workshops, trainings, conferences) or list a professional activity (organisation, company, architect, engineer, etc.)
To publish an event, first you need to create a user's account (see "create a user's account"). Then click "add an event" (select the type of event you want to add - workshop, training, conference) Fill in the formulaire and confirm. Once confirmed by an administrator, your event is online and anyone can register to it up to the availability you have set. It takes up to 24 hours for an administrator to confirm your event.
Yes absolutely. In most cases, there are three types of people involved in an event: organisers, speakers and participants. Ones are not usually the others, although it can happen in some cases. You can create an event to which you are also registered as speaker or teacher. Note that "teacher" in this context doesn't necessarily mean "professional", it's more like an animator or manager. Within training programs, it is however absolutely necessary to be a professional in this field.
There are two ways to add yourself as a speaker on Ecobilda. 1. When a user adds an event and registers you as one of the teachers, you will receive an email with a confirmation link. Once you confirm this request by clicking the link, your profile is pinned with a "teacher" status and it then appears in the website's speakers list (+ link). On your profile will also appear all the events for which you have been teacher and you will be able to get reviews from users in regards to your teaching skills. 2. The second way to register as a speaker, it's simply to directly request it yourself by clicking "register as a speaker" in the left menu bar.