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Thriving to bring all natural builders together through new web tools.

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One of them myself, having traveled extensively, I figured there is lots going on in the area of natural building worldwide, so we could maybe do something to bring it all together in the most practical way possible, through website programming for instance. I had serious talks with members of the EBANZ, YIMFY, AUSBALE at the International Straw Building Conference held in Methven, New Zealand in 2016. We all pretty much thought the natural building community could make great use of such a global web platform. Of course there already are many existing great websites and Facebook groups on the topic, such as Naturalhomes or Naturalbuildingblog, just to mention a couple of prominent ones. Will this new site connect us a tiny bit more? Or let’s say, in a new or different way? I hope so.

At the time, I was working on another platform project and realized there wasn’t much distance between one and the other in terms of structure and functionalities, just that they had different purposes.

I eventually gave it a serious go, day and night, for a couple of weeks, and managed to get something working but, let’s face it, horrible to look at, full of patches and wrinkles in a web development talking way. It was called Original right ? And that was it. Until I figured my cousin who I was coincidentally seeing a lot those days, actually was... no less than a programmer. So I asked him some advice and he offered to work on it with me but ... from the scrap! Programmers are like architects in that they rather scrape the existing structure off and start completely new - and safe - rather than take the risk amending something they don’t know anything about and that could reveal itself pretty ill.